Wands up, witches! Samhain is almost here! Samhain (pronounced: sɑːwɪn/), is celebrated on October 31st and marks the darkest period of the wheel of the year. It’s a time that celebrates the balance between life and death - with a focus on mourning and communicating with the dead, and celebrating life! And this year, our favorite holiday falls on a weekend AND on a FULL BLUE MOON! So while we won’t be out getting bad and boozy with our witch crew this year - the stars have aligned to make this one of the most potent energetic portals for Samhain magic-making we’ve seen in years.

To help you get mystical with it - we’ve created a multi level guide to Halloween including a super spooky playlist, tarot prompts, crystal cocktails, ritual suggestions & more!

So whether you’re feeling like staying in and watching your fave witch-flick or if you’re ready to get DEEP with your Samhain spellwork - we’ve got your night covered.

Have fun & proceed with one of the following levels of magic merry-making, depending on your mood and level of comfortability:

Lowkey AF:
-Put on our sexy spooky playlist and have a solo dance party.
-Throw on Practical Magic, Halloween Town, or your favorite horror movie.
-Charge up your red wine or water under the full moon or with a selenite plate coaster.
-Throw some intuitively picked crystals in or around your ritual bath.
-Take a crystal selfie with your witch-claws or in your favorite bell sleeved witch-fit.

Recommended crystal to carry: Orange Calcite for its playful, joyous, Halloween moonbeam energy! Plus, it fits the pumpkin and candy corn lewk.

Magick Seeker:
-Listen to track 8 - 14 on our Halloween playlist to settle into the spirit of the veil thinning.
-Grab a tarot deck that gives you the most honest & intimate answers then use the Samhain tarot spread we’ve created below and get CONNECTED with ancestors.
-Put together your ancestral altar and leave a sweet offering of trick-or-treat candy or whatever feels intuitive to you.

Question 01: What message do my ancestors on the other side have for me?
Question 02:  What do my spirit guides want me to know?
Question 03: What ancestral gifts can I call upon and strengthen in this time? What gifts have I inherited from you?
Question 04: What generational curses or trauma is it my task to break in this lifetime? 
Question 05: How can I honor you/my ancestors in my daily life?
Question 06: What needs to be let go of or put aside until Spring?
Question 07: How can I rest and reset for the dark season?
Question 08: Is there anything hidden that I need to know?

Recommended crystals to carry: Mookaite, Petrified Wood, Turritella Agate + Rose Quartz to connect, honor and heal ancestral relationships. Snowflake Obsidian is a fantastic stone for connecting with the other side and those who have passed.

-Lay naked under the Full Moon and receive every bit of magic from her glow on every inch of your body. Talk to her. Be still and listen to what she says. Let her beams nourish and envelop you. Place Moonstone on your 3rd Eye to really buzz out with her.
-Receive messages through journeying meditation. Head over to @meditation_jess or @DaisyChainTarot and download one of their guided meditations. We recommend the MIRROR and PORTALS from Jessica and The Moon Meditation from @DaisyChainTarot.
-SCRY!!!!!  Scrying is the act of gazing into something to reveal images & messages. Scrying comes from the word “descry” which means “to reveal”. Allllll of that timeless imagery you see of a witch looking into a crystal ball or a mirror is scrying. It’s one of the most powerful forms of divination and an incredibly magical way to level up your intuition. Crystal balls, obsidian spheres, black mirrors, and water are some of the most common mediums for Scrying - but there are MANY ways to scry. (And we’ll be bringing out a handful of scrying mirrors & giving a mini tutorial on how to scry with them on the Crystal QVC tomorrow)!

Recommended crystals to carry:  Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Iolite and Blue Apatite to enhance your psychic abilities and intuition. And of course, a Black Obsidian scrying mirror. DUH!

Ok gals and ghouls! We hope you have an absolutely spooktacular Halloween - and however you choose to spend your evening, we hope it’s bewitching & filled to the brim with magic!

See you at our weekly instagram live sale - every Friday at noon PDT - where we'll be serving up alllllll your ritual supplies!


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