Open Eye Crystals Brings the Metaphysical to Mid-City LA, Offering Crystals, Healing Services, and Post-Modern Mysticism...



Open Eye Crystals is an egalitarian spiritual space where the crystal novice can seek an equal amount of solace and scholarship as a seasoned transcendentalist. It’s a venue for the postmodern mystic: the girl who packs both a crystal and a flask. For people of all genders and backgrounds who seek to know themselves better while also connecting to nature, a higher presence, or perhaps just a community of the similarly curious.

The purpose of this space is to serve the Mid-City community and expose the public to different modalities of spirituality while better connecting them to both themselves and the Earth. Crystals are natural healing tools, and we want to gently arm the public with tools for self-care, either through metaphysical items, rituals or classes. We want to give people the power and tools to define their own spirituality.

While Los Angeles’s East and West sides are virtually doused in spirit houses, Mid-City has, until now, been woefully underserved by the metaphysical community. With its gorgeous, sleek, brand-new space on Pico, Open Eye Crystals is a radiant lighthouse for all things crystal and transcendental.  



The front of the store offers a thoughtful selection of both tumbled stones and massive rare specimens of crystals sourced from all over the globe, beautifully-crafted tarot decks, colorful pillar candles, metaphysical reference books, gem elixirs, and manifold supplies for diverse spiritual rituals.

The rear of the shop is where the community will meet to experiment with different spiritual perspectives and modalities. A sleek meditation room with complimentary sheepskin rugs to lay on, with vegan options available, and rainbow aura uplighting evocative of a James Turrell piece will play host to an evolving class curriculum series such as:

Introduction to Crystals, Meeting Your Totems, Journeying, Introduction to Tarot, Crystal Chaka Series, Manifestation, Honey Pot Crafting, Shadow Work and more, all taught by pillars of Los Angeles’s mysticism community.

Both individual and group services on offer will include sound baths, gong immersion, Reiki, crystal healing, and drop-in hours for tarot card readings. There will also be regular events scheduled for group meditation, crystal work, moon circles and astrological gatherings.

Come drop by, and start your crystal healing journey with us. See you at our weekly instagram live sale - every Friday at noon PDT!