Reader x Healer Rental Room

Discover a serene escape in our tranquil sanctuary, perfect for readers, healers, and anyone seeking a moment of peace and introspection. Our rent-by-the-hour room is thoughtfully designed to provide a nurturing environment for spiritual rejuvenation.

Immerse yourself in the calming energy of carefully selected crystals, and enhance your practice with our high-quality tuning forks. Whether you're here to read, meditate, or offer healing sessions, you'll find our space equipped with everything you need, including a Bluetooth speaker, comfortable yoga mats, plush sheepskin rugs, and supportive meditation cushions.

Our flexible rental options allow you to book the room whenever you need a quick, private, and affordable retreat. With its warm, inviting ambiance, our sanctuary is the ideal spot to recharge your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you're seeking solitude for deep meditation or a peaceful environment for your healing practice, our room provides the perfect backdrop for your journey. Come experience the tranquility and leave feeling refreshed and centered.



Who this is for:

-Readers, healers, energetic practitioners who want noncommittal room rental to bring clients

-Individuals who want a quick retreat with access to healing modality tools

-Customers who want to use their new crystal purchases in a private and serene sanctuary away from their typical elements

-Folks who want to create digital content in a discreet and beautifully curated space.

-Practitioners who need easy access, painless to book sporadic, last-minute friendly bookings.

What it comes with:


-Tuning Forks

-Tarot Cards

-Meditation Cushions

-Yoga Mats

-Sheepskin Rugs

-Bluetooth Speaker

-Access to restroom

Nitty Gritty:

-500 Sq. Ft. Room

-8 person max

- $45 per hour for up to 2 persons.

- An additional $10 per hour for each additional person, up to a maximum of 8 persons.

- The room has a capacity of 8 people.

-Available days and hours: Mon-Sun, 12-6PM

-Air conditioner

Please note, the fee is for exactly 60 minutes start to finish so if you need set up/break down time please factor that in for when booking.

If you need time prior and/or after the hour to set up or break down please note there is an additional fee. It is $15 per 10 minutes outside of the 1 hour block of time. For example, if you will be needing an hour and 20 minutes from time you enter to the reader’s room to the time of exit the cost for 2 persons will be $75 for the rental experience. It will be more cost effective to book for a full 2 hours in some cases if there is extra time needed outside of the hour. 


Street parking available to practitioner and client. Residential parking is not permitted and is plentiful!

To book:

Please use this booking link! There is a one hour lead time needed when booking online. If you need the room sooner, please call the store at 310.574.2344.



Please email with date, time allocation (anytime between 12-5pm Mon-Sun, we close at 6pm), number of persons in attendance including yourself, CC to put on file. We will email you back to confirm your slot!

Cancellation Policy:

There is a 24 hour cancellation fee for full amount at $45/hour.  

We are looking forward to providing you with a yummy sanctuary!