Black Tourmaline


Etheric vacuum cleaner. Black Toumaline helps people clear themselves and their surroundings of negativity, anger, and anxieties. It protects your energy field against attachments, entities, and debris.

▪️Chakra: Root
▪️Physical: Cleansing of Heavy Metals

Black Tourmaline is a MUST for your crystal and selfcare toolkit. It helps empathic people create energetic boundaries, keeping your ish yours and their ish theirs. It’s a wildly important stone that in our opinion, you can never have too much of.
You can work with Tourmaline by carrying it on you daily, keeping it by your front door, or even gridding your house with it by putting one in each corner of a room to create an energetic forcefield of protection! One thing we like to do is take crushed up Tourmaline and sprinkle it around the outside of our space like a protective barrier.

Especially right now, we need ALLLL of the protection and grounding that we can get. We are in this for the long haul.

For those who are protesting, wear Tourmaline. Those who are doing the spiritual work, wear Tourmaline. No matter what you’re doing in the world right now - wear some Tourmaline, and keep your energy field safe!

We love you all! Be safe, my kittens! Take care of yourself so we can take care of each other. 💕