Libra Season Beauty Ritual by Amelia Rebecca

Libra Season Beauty Ritual by Amelia Rebecca, our fave Red Witch!
Happy Libra Season! We are in the sign ruled by Venus. What a perfect time to restore balance through love, beauty and sensuality!
In this ritual, we are expanding our beauty awareness!
Magical Items:
Red or White Candle
-Red: Embodiment, sensuality and grounding your sense of beauty
-White: Purify and brighten the energy, connect to Divine beauty
  • Rose Quartz - Softness, gentleness and a loving sense of beauty.
  • Moonstone - intuition, Divine Feminine, and a mysterious sense of beauty.
  • Ruby - Courage, passion, embodiment and an empowered sense of beauty.
  • Clear Quartz - Clarity, focus and amplifying your sense of beauty within yourself and around you.
  • A flower of your choosing to set on your altar - choose one that is beautiful to you!
  • Pen + paper
  • Meditation or ambient music (preferably harp music for connecting to Venusian energy)
  • To invite in more Venus energy to your settings, look no further than our Venus Kit, filled with crystals that support self-love, healing and supportive love. And don't forget our Libra candle! Get it here.
-Set your sacred space with bells, smoke or energetic cleansing mist.
-Place your candle on your altar. 
-Choose the candle that corresponds to what you need more of to restore your balance. 
If you've been too focused on the world around you and focused too much on the physical, choose a white candle. 
If you've been ungrounded, feeling mentally exhausted or having a hard time connecting to your physical body, choose a red candle.
-Hold your stones and set them with the intentions above, to direct your awareness towards each stone's aspects of beauty.
-Hold your candle to your heart, and speak your intentions of connecting to beauty in whatever way feels meaningful to you. Speak from your heart. What do you want to call in? Do you want to feel more embodied? Do you want to be softer and kinder to yourself? Do you want to expand your capacity for pleasure?
-Place your stones around your candle.
-Place your flower in a vase or beautiful jar on your altar beside your candle.
-Put on your music, dim the lights and light your candle.
-Spend a quiet moment meditating on the flower. Notice the details of the petals, leaves and stem. Notice if it has a scent. What beauty do you see in this flower? Do you feel resonance to this flower within your body? Where? Spend a good amount of time just observing every glorious detail. Think about how it sprung up from the Earth, and is now in front of you, on your altar space. Giving its purpose to you, simply to appreciate its beauty.
-Journal any thoughts that come to you about connecting to beauty in this way.
-Let your candle burn safely until its flame goes out. Over the course of your candle ritual, bring your awareness back to the flower on your altar. Observe its beauty even as it wilts. Allow this flower in all its stages open you to a deeper sense of beauty within yourself!
You can initiate this ritual at any time and do it as often as you like. I recommend starting your ritual on a Friday (the day of Venus), a Monday (the day of the Moon) or on the New Moon, October 16! Which also happens to be on a Friday!