Libra season brings love & money to mind ~ so we recommend holding these crystals close today to maximize your manifesting for this potent Friday new moon! For love: Spessartine Garnet - Helps enhance charisma and confidence. It helps you step into your highest vibrational self to match the energy of that you are trying to attract. ⚡️ It’s the bread and butter stone for meeting your soulmate. (Or even a super dreamy platonic best friendship!)
For money: Citrine- Citrine activates your solar plexus Chakra and enhances your manifesting abilities by boosting your personal power. Citrine is big SUN energy - so hold it to radiate CONFIDENCE and thatg glistening and golden energy that makes you a march for miracles. ✨
-Hold the stones in your receptive hand (non dominant hand) and say your intention out loud! (Saying it in your mind works too!) -While you are speaking your intentions into existence, visualize that you are cording the crystal to your heart center. Imagine a cord of connection creating a line of communication between the crystal and your heart center. Once you do that, the stones are at the frequency to help your intentions be successful!
Grab a green candle and dress the candle with olive oil - sprinkle it with cinnamon.
As you light the candle, imagine the flame as a conduit for the miracles you are manifesting radiating your wishes into the universe. Candles work as an energy conductor and helps to materialize your intention. ✨
Say so it is. So mote it be. Or whatever closing feels intuitive to you. And let the candle burn!
Gentle reminder: don’t blow out your ritual candle flame. Snuff it out if you need to put it out!