How To Cleanse Carnelian (Without Damaging It!)


If you haven’t been cleansing your crystals, here is your reminder. No shame if it’s been a few weeks (or months…. 😘 ), just make sure that you are keeping up that crystal hygiene from now on, okay?

As part two of our crystal cleansing series, we want to walk you through cleaning the beauty that is Carnelian.

Carnelian is a baddie of a stone, pumping out vibrations filled with creativity, courage, motivation, and self-trust. It is a self-restoration miracle and is often used for overcoming obstacles and transmuting negative conditioning to powerful AF motivation.

For a stone that is doing THAT much heavy lifting, we want to make sure it is cleansed, charged, and kept energetically sparkling as it supports you!

As we have mentioned before, clearing out old energies and patterns within our crystals (especially move makers like Carnelian) is paramount! It makes sure they are potent and ready for anything.

Here are 4 ways to cleanse your Carnelian - and some tips to make sure we aren’t damaging it along the way.


1. Selenite

We have said it before, and we will say it again - Selenite is the TOP way to cleanse crystals. It's our most used and most recommended process here at Open Eye, because it is both super easy and potent AF.

Selenite is often called the “sage of the mineral kingdom”. It is 100% pure white light energy. It cannot hold negative energies, so when it is absorbing and cleansing other crystals' energy, it is only transmuting and diffusing it through its purity.

Grab a selenite clearing plate if you're feeling fancy or just a simple piece of it, and set your Carnelian on top. Simply leaving it there for 15 minutes will pump it up completely, but you are welcome to leave it there overnight as well for full rejuvenation.

Selenite is a simple and powerful way to cleanse with full white light energy.

2. Water

Water can be a tricky one. It seems simple enough, but there are some caveats and rules that come with cleansing Carnelian (and all other stones) that you need to keep in mind.

Before you cleanse any crystal with water, make sure that it is a nonwater soluble mineral. Carnelian is Quartz-based, so using water will not compromise any structure (like Malachite - read more on cleansing Malachite here)

To cleanse with water, the process is simple. Submerge your Carnelian in the water while focusing your intentions on the stone being renewed and fully charged for its next use. Major key🔑 alert here - use moving water. The point is to move the negative and stagnant energy out of the Carnelian, not to stew it in still water. Simply put it under the faucet for a minute or so - it doesn’t need to be super complicated at all.

Using natural water is a great way to use this method! Ocean water combines this method with salt, adding another layer to the energetic cleansing. Cleansing in a river is amazing as well because it combines the earth's natural movements with water.

3. Smoke

When you think about cleansing, often the first thing that comes up is smoke. It is perfect for absorbing any old patterns and programming and clearing the energy for fresh use.

To cleanse your Carnelian, simply pass your sacred smoke of choice under and all around it, and visualize negative vibrations disappearing as the smoke dissipates.

An important note about using sacred smoke to cleanse!✨ Make sure you are using herbs and bundles that are both sustainably made and that are appropriate to your own culture. Sage is very popular but is also often culturally appropriated from Indigenous communities. Some natural alternatives to Sage can be Cedar, Rosemary, Juniper, or Lavender. Additionally, you can use incense to smoke cleanse.

4. Light

Saving the most simple for last!

As you cleanse your Carnelian, regardless of method, you are often visualizing as well. You may be seeing the stuck energy flow out with water, or get soaked up by Selenite. Even if you aren’t using any other tool, you can use visualization by itself for an effective clearing.

Simply visualize white light around the crystal, and as it surrounds it, see it nuke any dense dark or gray energy out of the stone. While you visualize, you can also program it through intention. To do that, simply say “crystals, clear, self-clear and vibrate and resonate at your highest frequency.” The light and the intention is a great, low maintenance way of keeping your stones clear and ready to go.

Cleansing Carnelian (and any other crystal) doesn’t need to be elaborate. You don’t need to have tons of tools or a big ritual planned. The most important thing is that you do it regularly so that they work their potent and magical AF energy for you.