How to Use Your Intuition When Choosing Crystals


Have you ever walked into a crystal shop and had a stone catch your eye? You know when you scan the room, and that gemmy beauty just sparkles in juuuust the right way?

We have.

Sometimes, you get your hands on the stone and while it looks pretty, something doesn’t click. So you keep walking around, and then bam. You feel it. You just feel energetically pulled to a crystal that maybe you haven’t looked twice at before.

It happens more often than you think. This is your intuition knocking, waiting for you to answer and to use the tools that it is flashing right in front of your beautiful eyes!

Here is how you can harness that intuitive hit and use your intuition when choosing crystals.

1. Have confidence when something pings you

Don’t second guess yourself!

Almost everyone would like more money, but that doesn’t mean an abundance stone like Citrine is exactly what you need. That Rose Quartz is super pretty to look at, but it might not be the thing that will support you right now. If you are browsing, whether it be online or in a store, and something just clicks as you look at - try it. Don’t talk yourself out of a crystal that you are drawn to just because it doesn’t make sense with what you think you need at the time.

Leave your ego and your preconceived notions at the door and just be open. That PING you feel.. That is a connection that is trying to get through your monkey mind and let you know that it might be just what you need. Trust yourself.


2. Give yourself time and space to see what calls to you

Try not to feel rushed or pressured when you are looking for crystals.

Your intuition knows what you need, and you don’t need to rush the process when you are finding your next crystal bestie. Take a few laps around the store and note what stands out to you visually, what pings you intuitively, and what you may not have seen before.

The first time you browse, don’t even look at the descriptions. Just see what stands out. Are you feeling drawn to some raw stones? Maybe some clusters, or different shapes than you usually look at.

See what you are gravitating towards and don’t rush or push yourself with the process.


3. Feel worthy.

Know that the perfect option is there for you, ready for you to take it. You are not limited to anything, especially when it comes to your intentions.

If you feel like a big (maybe expensive??) stone is for you, don’t try and talk yourself out of it like you do not deserve it. Be responsible, of course, but make sure that you are making decisions from your heart and intuition, and not from your logical mind.

Call in abundance, even if you think wanting prosperity seems greedy of you. Call in the lover of your dreams, even if you have some hang-ups around the perfect partner and what that looks like to you.

Own your wants and needs, and listen to your inner knowing.


4. Focus on what you really need, not what you think you need.

Speaking of inner knowing.. Get out of your head about what you logically think you need.

A good example of this is a time when a customer was feeling some Rhodochrosite. It lit her up, she couldn't get enough of it, and her intuition was telling her that it was the stone she needed. If you aren’t familiar, Rhodochrosite is a stone often used for self-love and healing from heartache. This person was in a great relationship and felt really stable, but somehow still couldn't get enough of the stone and carried it everywhere.

As life would have it, two weeks later, her long-term relationship ended. It was emotionally draining and a very big heartbreak to work through… but she had her Rhodochrosite there already, working to support her before she even knew that she needed the support. It was there to remind her of the self-love she had and the strength inside her to move through it.

This is not to say some crystals are omens, but it is a good reminder to listen to yourself and your intuition when it is showing you what feels right. It may not make sense now, but it could end up being a godsend in the future.

Don’t complicate it, babe. Get your butt into the store, and really let yourself enjoy the entire experience. Get out of your own way and tune into the spiritual guidance that your inner knowing is giving you.

Work with it, and see how it shows up for you. Especially when it doesn’t make sense.

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