Aegerine, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz: Crystals That Are Awesome for Protection


Energy vampires are real.

We know you have those days where your energy is low and you feel scattered. Where you KNOW something is sucking the life out of you and you can’t quite place who or what that may be.

Sometimes you need a little something to have your back, you know? A little extra protection against those less than stellar vibes.

There are TONS of crystals that have protective qualities in the mineral world, but there are a few that stand out. Put them together and they form a rockstar team of protective support from all angles for all situations.

Here are Open Eye’s top 5 stones for protection!


1. Black Tourmaline ✨ 

This is probably the one you have heard of most. When looking for crystal protection, most would recommend Black Tourmaline right off the bat. That’s for a good reason! Black Tourmaline is protective against other people’s energies. Perfect for people who identify as empaths or who are sensitive to the effects of other people's words or presence. This stone should be your go-to!

This stone provides a sort of energetic moat around you. This will not allow others to tap into your energy, nor allow theirs to get near you. No more feeding, energy-sucking feelings!

2. Smoky Quartz ✨ 

Just a tad different than their cohort Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz is a gentle and soft protective stone. As opposed to a barrier, Smoky Quartz acts as a filter. It is here to transmute any negative or hostile energy and alchemize it into usable positive energy.

It is also super great for manifesting as it is able to remove self doubt, as well as removing other people's envy or jealousy on the things that you may be achieving. It takes all of that energy and transmutes it into positive vibrations to back your manifestations.

Use Smoky Quartz to protect yourself from your own shadow bullshit. Grab that negativity right from the jump, and fuel your intentions with positivity

Additionally, Smoky Quartz works well to diffuse tension in physical spaces that often have conflict or just overall negative vibrations.

3. Black Obsidian ✨ 

Black Obsidian is an energetic vacuum - it absorbs all of the negativities quickly and efficiently. We all have the space for anger, rage, sadness. And we should all let those feelings process through us in healthy ways. Once we do that, Black Obsidian is there to absorb all of the remnants and clear the space.

This stone essentially unpacks the backpack of emotional garbage that we can often carry. Black Obsidian is best used when applying it to your own negative energies and emotions and is less efficient in removing others (that’s a job for Black Tourmaline.) It calls for us to own our own shit, work through it, and then plan the energetic clean-up that is required to move forward.


4. Aegerine ✨ 

THIS is the mac-daddy of protection stones. This is the big gun you bring in when your Black Tourmaline just isn’t cutting it for your protection needs.
Aegerine is a must-have for healers, readers, and those in the energetic healing space. This is because it not only protects you in the physical world, but it extends that protection to all other energetic realms, astral, dream, etc. This stone is perfect if you have an entity attached to you in any of those dimensions, or any dark energies that seem to be hard to shake.

Bad, icky feeling vibes following you around? Aegerine is the top dog and a key player in your protection posse.


5. Labradorite ✨ 

Labradorite is a great companion to Aegerine when it comes to protection in the psychic or astral spaces. Sure, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Obsidian are great for keeping on you in the day-to-day, but if you are astral projecting or working in more liminal spaces - you will need Labradorite.

This crystal companion creates a beautiful bubble of energetic coverage. If you are working in mediation and are in more expansive, ethereal states, you become open to energetic attacks or negative energies attaching themselves to you. Without any intention of protection or other measures, it is easy for those energies to get it. Labradorite is a helpful buffer to create a net of protection around you while in those states.

There is your crystal protection team, babes!

These 5 stones are foundational and cover all types of protection - from the physical to the astral. Keep these babies close so that you can keep yourself crystal clear and intentional with your vibration <3