Rubellite, Eudialyte, Sunstone: The Best Crystals To Use for Strength & Confidence


Happy 22/2/2022 babes! ✨

The new year always seems ripe with anticipation and uber big goals. Everyone is so inspired to live their best life and smash roadblocks on their way to success.

Goal setting is one thing, but goal getting is another one entirely. After the first few weeks in January, we feel that spark die down. You may be feeling a bit defeated, unsure where all that oomph went, and stressed AF about how you're going to achieve those big things.

As always, we have a crystal for that.

If you are feeling a bit lost, unsure of your purpose, or with some loose footing as you venture to pursue your highest path - there is a whole team of crystal support out there to inspire and empower you along your way.

Our Self-Fulfillment Crystal Kit is the support you need.


This lineup will have your back as you get honest with your heart’s deepest desires. F what everyone else may be thinking, saying, or putting all over Insta - you know what is true in your heart and you are on your way to being the baddest in 2022. With support along the way, of course.

These are THE 4 BEST stones for strength!

1. Eudialyte

Eudialyte is a clarifier. This stone puts indecision in its place. It is a powerful ally for those who do not know what they desire or what path would allow them to fulfill their heart’s work. Eudialyte is a stone with lifeforce, and it will show you what you need to take the next step towards identifying your gifts. Gets you in touch with your heart center, your willpower, and your soul to really connect with what it is you are good at. Finally, it provides protection and a strong connection to emotions and your emotional well-being.

2. Sunstone

If we could pick one word to describe this stone, it would be: Beyonce! [Sparkle emoji]

This is a zesty stone of personal power, confidence, and leadership. Think of it burning bright and melting through the thoughts of self-doubt and fear

Sunstone is all about taking center stage. It is the big, bright, bad-bitch energy, ready to shed all bits of shyness and self-consciousness. It wants you to step into your full light, babe. Grab all of that juicy, shiny personal power and put it on full display.

There is no questioning yourself with Sunstone around, no fear. Get ready to embrace your best, brightest self.

3. Flower Agate

Like the name itself, Flower Agate is here to help you blossom and stretch out to your full potential. When we are certain in our path, we will do anything to continue to grow to become the person we know we are meant to be. When we are at the apex of who we are supposed to be - there is nothing holding us back or blocking us from moving forward.

It helps bring dreams into reality. Flower agate reminds us to stay in our truth and to push forward regardless of struggles.

Be your own best cheerleader, babe! This stone is so great for entrepreneurs because oftentimes the entrepreneurial journey can be lonely. We often plant the seeds for our businesses ourselves and then embark on the journey of nurturing and caring for those seeds and waiting for them to blossom into our realized goals and successes. Access Flower Agate’s self-growth support as you step into your power.

4. Rubellite

Rubellite is a foundation stone for strength. Using this stone, you are able to work through feelings of scarcity and fear to lay the groundwork for strength and courage. Rubelite is a stone of survival, giving you life when you feel helpless. This stone will embrace you when you are feeling alone, making sure you are supported and surrounded with loving energy.

This juicy powerhouse oozes the perfected vibrational pattern of the heart. Dispel any fears about lack in any part of your life, and know that you have what it takes to fill your own cup and build your best life.

When the road gets tough, Rubellite is here to hold your hand right through.

Recommended Ways to Use This Kit

1. Simply carry it around. Keep them close by in a purse or bag, bra, or pocket. Knowing that they are there and close by for support can work as a reminder as you move through your day.

2. Have a ritual bath or shower. *** Rubellite and Eudialyte are not water safe so please do not submerge them** Run a hot bath or shower, and use any essential oil, bath bomb, or shower steamer that makes you feel energized. If you enjoy sound during these rituals, turn on the beats that make you feel unshakeable. Put the stones on the side of your tub or shower, and as you let the water run over your (or cover you), visualize the energy of each stone filling you up, one by one. Let yourself sit in the energies as you bathe, and know that you will be supported once you get out

3. Sleep with them. Keep them close by on your nightstand or headboard. Before you go to sleep, ask your subconscious to use them as a tool for support as you sleep. When you wake up, note any dreams you may have or journal out any emotions or energies that may come up as you wake. You know that you are on your way to success, big audacious dreams being made manifest, and your next-level life. You also know that there are dips and valleys along the way. Friends, family, and community are big helps - but make sure that you are finding ways to support yourself as you move along your journey. Find the ways that work for you. Get the crystals, drink your water, and journal your heart out this year. Grab our Self-Fulfillment Crystal Kit here. You got this, babe. Go manifest your wildest dreams using crystal therapy on 2022!