Open your Google or iCal right now.

Go on, do it.

Okay, now pick a time within the next few days and type in “Cleanse my crystals”.

Now put it on to repeat every 3 weeks or so. Boom. Now you have a date with yourself that not only will help with your energy and crystal work but will also benefit your bomb crystal collection as well.

If you haven't been cleansing your crystals up until now, or you simply didn’t know how to, this is an article you are going to want to bookmark. Today, we will be highlighting how to cleanse the transformational queen known as Malachite. But know, these cleansing techniques are great to use for nearly** all of your stones, so make sure you take some notes.

Malachite is a green goddess of transformation. This stone is one used for abundance, positive change, and release. Protecting you from negative energies, Malachite also helps you connect with your heart center and let go of old negative patterns and trauma.

So, with all of that transmutation and protection, it is giving us, it's safe to say we need to give our Malachite babies some TLC on the regular, don't you think? Cleansing our stones is the way we can continue to use them to their best potential. Clearing out old energies and patterns within our crystals (especially heavy-duty ones like Malachite) makes them potent and ready for anything.

Here are 4 ways to cleanse your Malachite, that won't cause a scratch on its precious surface!

 1. Cleansing Malachite using Selenite

Selenite is the premier way to cleanse crystals. It's our favorite and most recommended process here at Open Eye, because it is both accessible and powerful AF.

 Selenite is often called the “sage of the mineral kingdom”. It is 100% pure white light energy. It cannot hold negative energies, so when it is absorbing and cleansing other crystals' energy, it is only transmuting and diffusing it through its purity.

Grab a selenite clearing plate if you're feeling fancy, or just a simple piece of it, and set your Malachite on top. Simply leaving it there for 15 minutes is sufficient for full rejuvenation, but you can leave it there overnight as well.

Selenite is a simple and powerful way to cleanse with full white light energy.

 2. Cleansing Malachite With Salt

Straight up and simple. Cleansing crystals, even ones like Malachite, doesn’t have to be complicated. Salt is a purifier both scientifically and energetically.

To cleanse with salt, fill a bowl with it. You can use any kind of salt, but coarse or Himalayan are used often. Place your stone on top of it, or bury it in the salt. It will soak up anything it needs to clear energetically.

Use your intuition about how long to leave them in. If you feel some heavier things were put through your Malachite, then maybe do it overnight. If you want a quick release, 15 minutes is sufficient as well.

3. Cleansing Malachite using Sound Healing

Sound frequency is also a very powerful tool. You know how you feel better after dancing it out to your fave song? Yeah, kinda like that. Sound is a beautiful transmuter of energy.

Specific frequencies can be found on Youtube or Spotify for whatever type of clearing you may need. Look up clearing frequencies wherever you listen to music, play in a space directly with your Malachite or around your altar or storage space.

Once again, use your intuition around how long you need to play the sound. It could be one song, or until you feel like the stones are resonating at a high frequency once again. Cleanse until it feels right.

4. Cleansing Malachite By Burying It In Earth

Sometimes, simple is best. Like salt, the earth is a natural energetic cleanse because it soaks up anything needing clearing. This is the crystals' original home, so it is a complete energetic reset for your stones. 

If you can, dig a shallow hole in your yard or appropriate space. Place your Malchite in and cover it with a light layer of earth. If you cannot go outside, a simple bowl of soil can work as well.

Clearing your stones is important. Make time in your calendar to do it on a regular basis, whether that be weekly or monthly. Of course, you can always tap into your intuition as to when you feel your mineral babies are needing an energetic bath.” 

It’s the equivalent to emptying out the vacuum bag in your house. The dirt has to go somewhere, and the vessel that is doing that cleaning also needs to be emptied on the regular. If not, your house won’t get the same level of clean it may have before. The same applies to you.

 Just like you, crystals need a reset so that they can radiate their frequency clearly and strongly!