NYLON INTERVIEW WITH MADISON: Programming Intentions With Crystals

Have you seen this?!

Yup, that’s a special New Years feature from NYLON, the online “go-to source for the young, stylish, and culture-obsessed.” NYLON contacted Open Eye late last year to ask Madison to contribute to an article called “How to Activate and Set Intentions With Crystals”.

Madison and some other beautiful crystal connoisseurs opened up and shared with NYLON all of their best tips and tricks when working with crystal energies.

In the blog, Madison shared her insight on:

- What “activation” really means in terms of your crystals. Hint: it’s the KEY to intention setting and manifestation with crystals.

- How to choose the best stones to set specific intentions. Madison shares how specific crystals match specific intentions based on the energies you want to bring to the surface. She also shares an important disclaimer around stones that may have some duality in their ability to manifest specific outcomes.

- Techniques to use while meditating and intention setting. She let’s us know that it is ok to not have a big ritual organized around on intention setting, and that simple processes can be just as potent and powerful. As the article states, “What matters is that you focus on infusing it with pure energy emanating from your being.”

The article also covers crystal grids and how to use them for manifesting, using sunlight and moonlight to charge and boost energies, and why communicating with your crystals is an important step for intention setting and manifestation

Great for a quick brush up on manifestation with crystals 101, this article is a perfect read to infuse some crystal knowledge into your day

Head on over to NYLON here to check it out!