Crystals For Self-Love


Valentines Day month has just passed us and we know that you may be touched out when it comes to the hearts, chocolate, and big oversized teddy bears all over your socials. Maybe you got some goodies from your lover. Maybe you are flying solo and to celebrate you watched Euphoria and ate some ice cream in bed. However (and whenever) you celebrate love, are you incorporating self-love into those rituals?

As a society, we are so used to showing love to others in extravagant ways to make sure that they know we are thinking of them. Do you do that for yourself?

Babes, if you aren’t prioritizing some self-love, make sure you pencil it in now. Let your inner self know that they are beautiful, worthy, loved, and badass AF. Journal, have some quiet time, go dancing, spend time in nature..

Just make sure you are giving yourself the same lovin’ that you give to everyone else!

We have an easy way for you to bring in some self-love vibes, even if you have been a bit MIA for yourself lately. We have rounded up the top 4 stones THAT ARE AMAZING for cultivating a sense of self-love! Use these when you are ready to remind yourself of the baddie that you are.


1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the quintessential stone for love. It’s the one you instinctively reach for when anyone mentions they need a little boost in the love department. It carries the perfect frequency of love. Particularly, that of unconditional love - for both yourself and others.

Compassion goes hand in hand with the loving energy of Rose Quartz. The purest form of love is unconditional, and for love to be unconditional we need to harness compassion. The key is to have patience and empathy for yourself and self-awareness around the things you are working through. You are resonating at the frequency of true love when working with Rose Quartz. Using Rose Quartz as a touchstone for that peace, compassion, and unconditional love for yourself is a powerful AF practice to include in your arsenal.

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2. Rhodochrosite

This baddie is the PREMIER stone for self-love and healing. Rhodochrosite is all about forgiving yourself. This is the stone to use when you are ready for some release in your emotional body or energy fields. Letting go of hurt and pain is what Rhodochrosite does best.

Breaking up with someone, or letting go of a long-term friendship? Maybe you are loving through a rebirth of yourself as you move through some milestones in your life. This crystal has your back and will hold your hand through grief, pain, and deep aching of your heart center. Let Rhodochrostie be the BFF to support you on your path to personal healing, even when it gets tough.

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3. Desert Rose Selenite

If you are feeling a bit low in the confidence department, Desert Rose Selenite is the one to bring to the table. She is THE stone to release any self-consciousness you may have lingering. By reminding you of your worth, you will be able to work on shedding self-doubts or shame you are carrying in your energy. Self-love is a practice of knowing your worth, setting your boundaries, and prioritizing your needs. You need to be putting yourself first, babe. Without self-love, any other energy you put out there will be dulled and way less potent. Desert Rose Selenite will make sure that you dust off any doubt and know that you are so worthy. Work together and let that shiny, high vibe, bad bitch energy shine through.

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4. Emerald

Not of the usual pink-persuasion of “love” stones, Emerald is here to reinforce the abundance of your own self-worth. Abundance - in all of its forms - is the natural outcome of valuing your whole self. Working with Emerald will open the floodgates and make sure you know that your capacity to hold love and abundance is infinite.

There is no limit on what you can receive, and you are worthy of all of it. There is abundance and love and success coming your way - more than you could ever imagine - and Emerald will help you realize that you can access it now.

Now that you have the best mineral team to back you up as you go through your self-love journey, make sure you know that your best support comes from YOURSELF. You are your own best friend, confidant, and cheerleader. Every piece of goodness comes from inside of you, and it’s about time that you embrace that and love it wholly.


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