Witchy Valentines Day Rituals

Hey babes, Happy Valentine's Day!
No matter where you are or what your romantic situation might be, we're hoping you're showering yourself with lots of love today. Because remember, self-love isn't just a trend, it's a lifestyle. And to help you celebrate this day of love in the most special way possible, we've put together a one-of-a-kind guide. This isn't about clichéd chocolates or roses. It's about embracing all forms of love and the different phases of our hearts - whether you're single, paired up, healing from heartbreak, or just basking in the glow of friendship. We've curated rituals for each phase, tailored with elements like incense, crystals, deities, and colors that resonate with your current state of heart. So dive in, babes, and let's make this Valentine's Day all about loving ourselves and celebrating love in its many beautiful forms!
For the Single Babes: Tonight, it's all about YOU! Light some vanilla incense, carry an Amethyst or Labradorite for self-discovery, treat yourself to your favorite dessert, and create a self-love altar. Light a purple candle to symbolize independence. Explore deities like Diana, Artemis, or any culturally or ancestrally aligned deity that signifies independence and self-love. Write a heartfelt letter to yourself, praising your strength and resilience. Wear something that makes you feel fabulous and embrace your individuality. 
For the Boo'd Up Babes: This evening is for LOVE! Light some jasmine incense, carry Garnet or Emerald for commitment and passion, gift your partner with their favorite treat, and create a shared love altar. Light a red candle to symbolize passion. Consider honoring Juno, Hera, or a culturally or ancestrally aligned deity of love and commitment. Pen a love letter to your partner, expressing your deepest emotions. Share a slow dance with them and dress in red to symbolize love and passion.
For the Heartbroken Babes: Tonight, focus on HEALING! Light some lavender incense, carry Malachite or Rhodonite for emotional healing, buy yourself a plant signifying growth, and create a healing altar. Light a green candle to symbolize growth and renewal. Look to Kuan Yin, Aine, or a culturally or ancestrally aligned deity of compassion and healing. Write a letter of forgiveness to your past and indulge in some self-care activities. Dress in green to represent healing and fresh starts.
For the Friendship-Romancing Babes: This evening, let's celebrate FRIENDSHIP! Light some sandalwood incense, carry Agate or Lapis Lazuli for friendship, gift your friends with handmade tokens, and create an altar of camaraderie. Light a yellow candle to symbolize friendship. Consider Philia, Freya, or a culturally or ancestrally aligned deity of friendship and love. Write a letter of appreciation to your friends and share a group hug. Dress in yellow to signify friendship and joy.