Immunity Boosters for Winter

It’s getting colder, we're in the middle of a pandemic, and the holiday season can be emotionally a lot for so many of us!

Here are some tips to boost immunity this holiday season:

-Take care of your body. Keep your immunity up and your adrenals supported during a stressful time. 

-Use adaptogen stress powders and immunity boosters for physical support. 

Find ways to make yourself feel better:               

-Physically: Is there a new routine you can adopt to move more? Search yourself to see if you need to stretch more, go for a walk, or focus more on a more energetic workout routine.

-Energetically: Do you need to sleep more? Do you need to spend less time online, scrolling and giving your energy to others on social media? Where can you scale back on your perceived need to hold space for others that may actually not need it, or may be abusing it?

-Emotionally/Socially: Really feel if you actually need to be around all of the people if you are not actually feeling it. Do you need to go for lunch with that friend when emotionally you need alone time? Are you the one that needs some support from others, but you are afraid to ask? 

-Cut yourself some slack and don’t be super hard on yourself. 

-If you don’t want to do things, then don’t do them. 

-There’s so much pressure with family around Thanksgiving - give yourself permission to do nothing. Lean into how your heart feels around this holiday. Are you letting your heart lead your choices regarding how you celebrate, or are you doing it out of obligation?