We’ve put together a light filled crystal cocktail representing some of the different energetic themes of this year, and for the upcoming holiday season.

First, we want to acknowledge family - your chosen family. This year has really shown us who our people are - so we’ve included crystals that will help you deepen that connection with your chosen community.

We also want to bring in a feeling of playfulness. This year has been SO heavy - so we brought in some crystals that will help you indulge in lightheartedness. Really helping you lean into and relax into those joyous vibrations.

And finally, stating your boundaries about what YOU want to do this holiday season! Being firm in your authenticity and doing you unapologetically. No guilt. Your boundaries are SACRED.

Ok kittens, feel free to mix and match any of these stones to create a crystal cocktail you are needing most this week!

🔮 Crystals for surrendering to joy and play while feeling cozy and connected to your community and chosen family:

✨Rhodonite- Great for connection and love for your community and bubble. It shows how you use your gifts for the enrichment and betterment of humanity/community.

✨Purple Jade- Stone of joy and humour - also helps one lighten up and relax into the flow of life.

✨Crazy Lace Agate- A stone of playfulness and laughter. Promotes optimism and positive thinking. Brings balance and sense of community.

✨Polychrome Jasper- Stone of contentment and happiness. Helps find joy and pleasure in even the small and simple things. Embodies exuberance, passion and vitality.

✨Rubellite- Used when feeling isolated or when you are having fear around survival.

Ruby Zoisite- Offers energies of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth. Harmonizes relationships with others, increasing empathy and compassion.

🔮Crystals for boundaries with family, healing relationships and feeling in your power about doing you this holiday season:

✨Green Calcite- Used for healing relationships, fostering forgiveness and releasing guilt.

✨Dragonstone- Great for voicing boundaries and what your needs are. Perfect for standing firm on decisions.

✨Pink Opal- Stone of renewal, bringing self-acceptance. Gets rid of old patterns which no longer serve. Gives insight on how to enhance your emotional and spiritual self.

✨Prehnite- All about following through with action re: what your heart is wanting. Works well in this season to not feel guilty about how you choose to spend your holiday season.

Pyrite- Fantastic for holding energetic boundaries. Major ally during family gatherings.

✨Rhyolite- Exploring yourself. Begs the questions "What do you want? What is your soul needing versus what is expected of you?"