• $55.00
Use when you are needing assistance with fulfilling your soul's purpose, confidence in pursuing your highest path, and getting honest with your heart's deepest desires!
Crystal kit includes:

EudialytePowerful ally for those who do not know what they desire or what path would allow them to fulfill their heart’s work. Aids in identifying one’s gifts. Stone of life force and love force. 
SunstoneZesty stone of personal power, confidence and leadership. Melts thoughts of self-doubt and fear. 
Flower AgateHelps one blossom and reach full potential. Great for entrepreneurs and self-growth. Helps one step into their power in order to pursue their dreams and bring ideas into reality. 
RubelliteEmanates the perfected vibrational pattern of the heart. Assists to overcome fears about abundance and survival. Helps the emotionally isolated feel loved, protected and supported.
🌻🟡☀️This kit has been featured in our roundup blog post: Crystals for Strength And Confidence!"☀️🟡🌻