• $30.00
Use when you feel out of your body, exhausted and your energy reserve is drained!
Our Energy Replenish Crystal Kit includes:

Black GarnetEXTREMELY grounding. Keeps you present. Connects one’s life force to the fiery core of the Earth- giving an endless supply of energy for creative work. Powerful energy purifier. 
Tiger EyeStone of vitality, practicality, mental clarity, balance and physical action. Helps meet challenges with a grounded, calm and centered demeanor. Helps balance extremes. 
HematiteStone of balanced energy and grounding. Counteracts spaciness and confusion, keeping one focused. 
Pyrite- Fortifies auric field so life force does not dissipate. Fantastic for energetic boundaries.
Red JasperEnhances one’s endurance, vitality and stamina.
🍇💜 This kit has been featured in our blog: Crystals for Reducing Tiredness and Fatigue
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