Open Eye's Favorite Crystals for Reducing Tiredness and Fatigue


Feeling that beginning of the year burnout?

Tough family moments over the holidays?

Give yourself some support to start the new year off right - Open Eye style.

Ground yourself after the turbulence of 2021, getting your roots into the ground as the new year rolls around.

Crystals can be one of the best ways to center yourself and get some stability when you are feeling shaky. While all are good for getting back in touch with the earth energy, there are so many ways that you can bring different vibes together - kind of like a perfect crystal prescription.

As usual, Open Eye has just the thing you are looking for.

We have brought together many crystal kits for all of your ailments, but this one is THE one to grab when you feel out of your body, exhausted, and like your energy reserve is drained.

We want your energy⚡️UP⚡️ babe! Cap season is here to help us plan a bomb start to 2022, and you are going to need some stamina to make this year the best it can be.

Made just for you - Open Eye’s Energy Replenish Crystal Kit!

Inside the Energy Replenish Crystal Kit is a complete team of five crystals perfect for banishing fatigue. Inside you will find:

Black Garnet: This deep beauty taps you into the earth's endless "prana". Black Garnet is a perfect grounding stone that provides an endless, fiery supply of creative energy.

How to use it: Incorporate this beauty into your nighttime rituals. Keep it by your bed or on your nightstand while you wind down, and also while you snooze away into dreamland. Your subconscious will be open to receive all of that juicy energy so that it is ready to go first thing in the AM.

Tiger's Eye: Here to help you to stay physically and mentally present. Tiger’s Eye is known as a vitality stone, adding pep to your everyday step. This stone aids mental clarity and dexterity.

How to use it: Keep Tiger’s Eye close to you during the day, especially if you are a student or someone who works with lots of information and communication. Perfect for your desk or workspace!

Hematite: One of the ultimate grounding stones, Hematite is Spanx for the aura! It is a great stone for sucking in scattered energy back into your field so that it isn’t floating around aimlessly.

How to use it: Two words - shadow work. Best to keep this one close when doing the tough work involving anything that may dissipate your energy or leave you feeling more than a little depleted. Keep by you when journaling or doing any type of subconscious work.

Pyrite: A golden beacon of light, Pyrite helps to keep your energy and life force intact, fortifies your energy field, and protects it from those who energetically drain you.

How to use it: Pyrite is an everyday thing. A crystal to keep you going, carry this one in your bra or purse for a juicy injection of light and an extra shot of protection around energy vampires.

Red Jasper: Red Jasper is a POWERHOUSE, babe! This is the endurance stone. This trains your emotional and mental stamina for the long run. With its help, you are more able to withstand any pressure coming your way. Think of it like the OPPOSITE of a caffeine high, it provides slow-releasing and long-lasting energy instead.

How to use it: This one is also perfect for journaling and doing the hard, subconscious work. It is the strong, solid friend that is always there no matter what. Your number one sidekick - keep it around for the long run and see the changes that you are able to make.


We have put all of these babies together to make a perfect team, ready to support you and help you get yourself back to functioning after a tough end of the year. Give yourself some rest, relaxation, and recharge time (and get some pretty new bling for your altar, too!). Use them individually, or all at once for a refresh - replenishing your energy stores to full for the new year.

Grab your Energy Replenish Crystal Kit here!

Ps. This would make a stellar gift for anyone you know who may need a little pump up - especially as a surprise late-christmas / happy New Year gift! 💝