Selenite Gem Essence Spray

  • $20.00

Just like the moon’s ethereal glow, selenite perpetuates an aura of healing light. This spray will help you cleanse your etheric body, the overall energy around you, and facilitates the opening of your third eye. It is a stone to enhance visions and assists the memory. It is a channel for bringing messages from your guides. With it’s powerful energy it can clear dark matter and negativity that lingers in your auric field. By clearing this debris it stimulates your physical energy, creating a flow and breaking up stagnation to help the body heal.

Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Deities: Selene
Herbs: Clary sage, Bay laurel, Milky Oats
Tarot: Three of cups
Chakra: Crown, Third eye, Soul star chakra

Ingredients: Water, Citric acid, Selenite gem essence, Reiki infused, with Various essential oils