RADICAL BEAUTY Crystal Kit Curated by The Red Witch

  • $22.00
Curated by Amelia Sukiennik, The Red Witch, this kit will help you tune into your unique gift and inner beauty. Inspires compassion and self-love, and helps you own your worthiness. Supports releasing insecurities and promotes inner child healing so you can fully shine in your radical beauty! You'll receive a coupon code with your kit for $20 off a Beauty Ritual Session with Amelia, our favorite Red Witch! 
Crystal kit includes:
Pink Botswana Agate- Helps heal and balance emotions. Connects to inner child for healing and connecting to personal joy. Boosts confidence. Soothing and nurturing. Helps softly ground into the body and connect the root and sacral chakras.
Moonstone- Enhances intuition and psychic abilities and inspires personal growth. Helps balance emotions. Connects to the energies of the Moon and the High Priestess.
Desert Rose SeleniteHelps release self-imposed negative thought patterns and belief systems. Assists in knowing one’s self-worth and value. Excellent if one has lost self-confidence. Clears stuck energy. 
Pearl- Helps with tapping into inner treasures. Enhances personal integrity and sincerity. Balancing and tuning into natural rhythms and lunar cycles. Taps into inner wisdom. Divine beauty. Connects to Aphrodite.