• $33.00
Use when life feels dense, heavy and colorless. Fantastic for bringing in childlike wonder and enthusiasm for life!
Crystal kit includes:

Ocean JasperStone of joy and high spirits. Lifts the veil of negativity. Helps appreciate the many blessings in life. Relieves worrying about the future or bitterness of the past. Boosts one’s mood. 
PolychromeStone of contentment and happiness. Helps find joy and pleasure in even the small and simple things. Embodies exuberance, passion and vitality. 
Crazy Lace AgateStone of joy and laughter. Promotes optimism and positive thinking. Brings balance and sense of community. 
ThulitePromotes happiness, contentment and enthusiasm for life. Think of this as the glass-half-full-stone. Helps diffuse tension and conflict. Breaks self-destructive patterns to make way for self-love.