• $52.00
Use when manifesting wealth, to attract opportunity or when you straight up need that cold hard cash!
Crystal kit includes:

CitrineStone of abundance. Increases clarity of thought, enhances creativity and magnifies will power and manifestation. Clears any manifestation energy blocks. 
Lemon ChrysopraseGreat for success in business and increase of prosperity. Add to wallet to bring extra fortune to finances!
Rutilated QuartzQuickens the process of manifestation. Magnifies the energy of any intention or affirmation. Removes blockages to health and abundance. Helps follow through with ideas. 
PeridotStone of financial and spiritual abundance. Aids in attracting and creating our inner visions here in the physical realm. Generator of the frequency of Increase. Brings sense of well-being. 
Aventurine- Carries the frequency of good luck!