Loving Care

Loving Care is primarily a self-love potion. Loving plant allies hold and protect the heart as they help open you up like the beautiful flower you are.

Loving Care is a poem about self love. Loving Care is a honey sweetened potion which illuminates the sweetness of life. The loving plant allies in this formula such as rose and hawthorn help us to open our hearts. Both rose and hawthorn are thorned plants so they open us to love with protection. Every rose has its thorn. Motherwort supports us in this opening by holding us with loving strength like a big hug. Damiana opens us up to sensuality and self acceptance. Loving Care shows you how to love yourself and supports you on that path.

The plants in this formula help soothe any imbalances in the heart. The act of holding helps us to connect with what may be stuck or hurting in our hearts. Loving care helps us move through both grief and joy. When you cannot open to love or you cannot open to grief - reach for Loving Care as an aid to get you into your heart and feel it, in a safe way.

Ingredients: rose (rosa spp.)*, hawthorn berry (crataegus spp.)*, motherwort (leonurus cardiaca)*, rose hips (rosa spp.)*, cinnamon (cinnamomum burmannii)*, damiana (turnera diffusa)*, cane spirits*, brandy


Suggested use: 1-8 drops, 3 times daily or as needed.