Inner Compass Oracle

  • $56.00

Inner Compass cards draw their rich symbolism from the world of dreams, spirit animals, plants and flowers, universal archetypes, and make use of the healing energy of color. Each card is a powerful tool for healing transformation that can stand on its own. As you work with the Inner Compass Oracle, I hope you will find it an essential spiritual tool for aligning with the divine guidance that lies within your own soul.

Let the Inner Compass oracle cards sing to your heart and activate your inner magic to follow your true North Star.

Deck Includes:

* 49 oracle cards plus 1 title card (50 cards in total), professionally printed on high quality card stock with beautiful rounded corners and smooth, matte finish
* Cards measure 3.46" x 2.32" (8,8 cm x 5,9 cm)
* Free downloadable PDF guide with suggestions on how to use your cards (link will be sent to you upon purchase with your package.
* Each deck arrives in a custom hand-decorated box to house your cards
* Great as a gift for yourself or a loved one that needs to connect to their internal compass
* Charged with stardust and moonlight