Popular as Fu*k

  • $30.00

A brand spanking new SOCIAL ANXIETY POTION to help you feel AS GOOD AS YA SHOULD! As a glowing gem, full of light and love, you are going to feel all of that reinvigorated with this beautiful elixir.  

This potion is both essence formula & honey’d tincture. A gem essence of gold helps you feel quite - radiant. Gold illuminates your heart and uplifts your self esteem. Flower essences of jelly bean monkey flower (you may have heard of mimulus - a popular bach remedy - monkey flower is a mimulus!) aids in soothing the buzz and fear around socializing (we needed this before and especially now since the COVID-19 pandemic has got us inside more and feeling extra weird) and with such flirty style (thank you jellybean patterns!), wolfberry help us with our ability to take up space and feel how truly big and amazing and powerful we are (the flower is shaped like a star and connects us to the big bigness of the universe), all in a base of rose infused local Topanga honey, yarrow tincture, and brandy!

Ingredients: yarrow (achillea millefolium), rose infused honey, brandy, cane spirits, gold flake, essences of: gold, wolfberry, jelly bean monkey flower


 Suggested use: take 4 drops as needed. take a minute and pay attention to your heart.