Refresh Eye Pillow

  • $20.00

This weighted eye pillow is your ticket to bliss! Place it on your eyes for meditation, a quick nap, a yoga savasana, bedtime, or any time you could use a reset and refresh. Give yourself the gift of calm with this little piece of nirvana. 

The pillow is designed to apply gentle pressure to the eyes, invoking a drug-free relaxation response. The highly-effective light-blocking quality of the pillow helps make it a natural relaxation and sleep aid. The lavender buds emit an aroma that helps soothe the nervous system. Enjoy a night of deep sleep, an escape from anxiety, or simply a more effective mindfulness session. The eco-friendly Refresh Eye Pillow is your companion in staying grounded. This is a gift you can feel great about giving; it's made from super soft fabric reclaimed from the production of our garments.

Shell: 94% organic cotton/6% Spandex.

Weight: 8 oz.

Fill: Whole flaxseed, lavender buds.

Color: Green

Care: Spot clean only.